The Common Sense Agenda



A Liberal and a Conservative Locked in a room
Locked in bloody combat
Doomed to fail like all before them



Because honestly, we really believe that a couple of 40-something hacks that completely disagree with one another but actually want to come up with an agenda that works can get it done. It might take some uncomfortable conversations and few concessions from both sides, but this gives us an excuse to knock a few back, look like dopes on camera, give you something compelling to read and maybe, just maybe … a way forward.


Start with a difficult issue
Agree on a goal
Research and analyze real facts
Have a fun, compelling, lively debate
Operate in a greenfield

The Premise …

If Liberals and Conservatives would simply take a break from the rhetoric and try to actually effect real change and find real solutions to real problems … could they actually find common ground and (Heaven forbid) an agreeable solution, path, law, or agenda item? Watch and see for yourself. We’re going to film ourselves throwing back a few while we hash it all out, and then publish our common sense findings.

Not give it a shot?  Why not put aside the talking points and the animosity and really dig down into the guts of an issue and actually come up with a solution that works. The people that we pay to do this certainly haven’t found a way to make it work, but we think our formula will work.  When you get right down to it, we all want so solve the same problems, we just keep coming at it from opposite ends. This experiment is to see what’ll happen when we start at the solution and work back.

Do we intend to solve the worlds problems?  With a frighteningly simple approach.  Openly present an issue, research all of the real facts, agree on a goal, and then start with the assumption that there are no current laws that address it.  Wiping the slate allows us to be undistracted by the laws that clearly are not working now.  We also agree that we WILL find common ground and solid recommendations on every issue.  No matter how many beers we need to drink to get there.