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My Common Sense

I’ve heard those on the other side describe Conservatives as the type of people who will spend 10 minutes empathizing with someone or some issue followed by an hour of explaining all of the reasons why they won’t help.  You might be surprised to hear that I believe that there’s an element of truth to that statement.  The nuance that’s lost on the left, however, is how we define help.  Conservatives measure success not by counting how many people we help, but by how many no longer need it.  I can’t state that clearly or often enough.  Government gets itself into trouble when it tries to solve individuals problems generally and even worse when it does so tactically.  It’s far better at providing guardrails, guidance, and governance, not being tactical.

As I analyze the issues before us, and attempt to work at coming up with agenda items that “solve” them, the filter I hope to use is that statement.  Am I creating a tactical policy or an environmental one? Is the policy that I’m advocating for in lockstep with or at odds with our founding documents?

Our founders were pure genius, and the representative republic that they formed for us is the best evidence in the world for the potential and promise of freedom. We would be wise to remember that and not be afraid to admit that whenever we stray from those simple truths, it’s never resulted in the betterment of our citizenry.

Government …

Government exists not to provide for the people, but to create an environment where everyone is kept safe, treated equally, has their rights upheld, and has the same opportunity to succeed.  In short, government should govern, not rule (an important, yet subtle distinction). Boiled down and filtered through our founding documents, I believe Government should be restricted to:


  • Provide for the safety of its population from foreign threats
  • Enforce the rule of law
  • Create & Foster an economic environment where both business and individuals can thrive
  • Ensure that all of its citizens are treated fairly and equally
  • Ensure that no constitutional rights are abridged

State and Local (But informed by national policy)

  • Enforce the rule of local law
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Welfare

Generally speaking, I land on anything having to do with individuals being handled at a state level, while at the federal level, the focus is much more on the broader strokes. As we sit today (2016), it seems as though those lines are so blurred that we’ve gotten into chaos, and competing solutions for competing concerns on every level on every issue.  The entire point of this website is to take a much needed breath and a step back to refocus and return to a sustainable separation of concerns.


Food For Thought …

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